How to Sell Permaculture

“Mr and Mrs. Land Owner: What we are able to do with permaculture is show you how you can provide the highest quality food and care for yourselves and for your children. We can show you how to do this in a way that will never do any harm to your land or your neighbor’s land. In fact, it will become more fertile year after year. The technique and materials we use also never harm people, pets or livestock. In fact, by eliminating toxic food and replacing with food better than anything you can buy, your family will be healthier year after year. The best part is our systems generate surpluses and abundance which can be continuously reinvested so that you can always provide top quality food to your family and continuously improve the natural systems around you. This is something that actually matters and directly applies to you and those you care about. It is something you can do now, no political action is required. No massive shift in your lifestyle, just a better way to live through a few general shifts we can help you accomplish over a single season or two.”

-Jack Spirko, Permaculture Voices Episode 60

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