The End & Future of Aquaponics

Well. My aquaponics ended closer to Day 770 when I pulled all of the plants outs. I was able to salvage some of the plants by planting them in the garden. I figured I had nothing to lose if they didn’t make it. I haven’t had tilapia in about four months, but my plants kept on […]

Mature Plants in Aquaponics

It’s day 755 for the aquaponics system. Even though it’s been raining off and on all day, I’ve found time to do some house cleaning in the greenhouse and the garden. Maybe the system figured out its fate, because everything started looking pretty good. Most of the plants in the system were planted back in […]

It’s Official, I DON’T have Tilapia

It’s day 717 of the aquaponics system. I haven’t been writing much about it, and there’s a reason for that: I failed. How many tilapia have I eaten? Z.E.R.O. I buried the last two tilapia last week, and it sucks. Here lies the current state of the system. Everything was planted in November which is pitiful. I had some […]

Challenges with Aquaponics

It has been a very sad few weeks. If you’re just tuning in, I’m no expert with Aquaponic. It is about a year and half old, so this will only be my second winter with the system.But first, I want to remember how great the system was back in May. The squash, cucumbers and lettuce were […]

Monthly Cleaning for Aquaponics

The Aquaponics system is not maintenance free. (boo) You can click HERE to find where my aquaponics journey started. My monthly cleaning takes about an hour from start to finish. The first thing I do is drain the tank to less than half full. I unplug the pump for this, but everything will be fine for the […]

Comparing Aquaponics Growth

It’s almost time to start planting all of the seedlings I’ve been growing for almost a month. Since everything is still in the greenhouse, it’s been interesting to compare the growth from sowing seeds in seed starter and then adding a few to the aquaponics system when they were big enough to not wash away. Place your […]

Aquaponics in Winter

I haven’t been talking much about the aquaponics system much. I’ve been too distracted by planning the beds. One of my most asked questions is what I do with my aquaponics system in winter. So away we go. I clearly need practice with my videos, so except more. HEAT: For starters, I bought and built this […]