Permaculture Orchard Film Review

This weekend I purchased Permaculture Orchard. I’m always hungry for more permaculture information, and I also like to support the permaculture world. It’s definitely a how-to for an orchard set-up with charming graphics and tunes. I’m not sure it’s a useful video for the permaculture newbie backyard gardener, but more for new or existing commercial applications. […]

Permaculture Design Course

Sign-up for the PDC opened at noon today and at 12:25pm, I’m #619 to sign up for the Permaculture Design course. The class maxes out at only 1,000 students.  The teachers have all taken courses from Geoff Lawton: Josiah Wallingford, Jack Spirko, and Nick Ferguson. You can learn more here, here, and here.  I’m finally going to get official Permaculture training […]