The Private Life of Chickens

Why did we decide to domestic the chicken 8,000 years ago? How are eggs formed? Is pecking order even a real thing? Can you teach a chicken tricks?  The Private Life of Chickens video answers all of those questions and more. The documentary is presented by BBC, and I found it totally fascinating. It has a neutral tone as […]

Garden Inspiration 4

I’m a fanatic about researching anything I do, so I find lots of gardens. This is a series of posts of the gardens I think are worth sharing that have inspired me with creating my garden. Inspiration is random, just like these posts. Today’s garden is by Very Edible Gardens that I found months and months ago. I have continued to think […]

Chicken Ordinance in Lewisville

Hot off the presses from Backyard-Chicken-Collaborative-DFW meetup group.  Good luck Lewisville residences! “Our Lewisville members are trying to get their ordinance changed and will have their first official request to City Council Monday night. Help if you can. Here is a note from one of the organizers: Jonathan Hightower: We are planning to go to the Lewisville […]

Southern Living Does Backyard Chickens

It warms my heart when my friends and family tell me about backyard chicken articles. This time the article is in Southern Living. Raising Chickens in the South photo from Southern Living Who hasn’t seen a photo of this coop? You can also see this image posted up at North Haven Gardens behind the chicken […]