Growing Potatoes in Cages

This is my first time to grow potatoes. I’m trying to avoid the standard row garden, and I didn’t want to use up space for them either. Potatoes are low on the nutrient dense scale, so I thought I would experiment.  I started out cages with compost and hay around the edges. The cages are […]

Wheat Grain Sprouts

 I giggle every time I look outside my window and see my sprout rows of wheat grain. I don’t know why it’s just funny: It’s grain, who does that? Clearly, it’s an usual crop for gardeners to grow in the burbs, but there’s other uncommon plants I’m growing. This is all part of the fun […]

Growing Outside the Garden Box 2013

Whenever I get asked what I’m growing, people always assume the norm: Tomatoes, peppers, squash, beans. Of course that’s what I’m planting, but this year I wanted to think a little more ‘outside the garden box’. After all, isn’t that what gardening is about? Being able to grow what you can’t find at the store. […]

Growing Cilantro

Cilantro is pretty easy to grow and happens to be my favorite herb. As if you didn’t know by my excitement during Prime Cilantro Growing Time. I actually planted the seeds and forgot about them.  When and Where to plant? This herb is for the cool season, so it’s an annual here in Texas and […]

Expanding the Garden

I have been brain storming all winter on my plans for the garden this year. I was hardcore Permaculture all the way.  I truly need to make a plan of action before I say I’m going to do something. I chickened out and bought 1Xs for beds. I laid everything out first because I just […]