I’m Jamie and I live in Farmers Branch, Texas in the DWF area. I’m your average eccentric architectural project manager with a crazy German Shepard mix. In my spare time I enjoy creating, volunteering, and have a passion for good design, small spaces and sustainability. My main project right now is building an edible food forest, but I also had an aquaponics system I’m working on redesigning, and dream of one day raising chickens.

Back in 2007, I was diagnosed with a digestive disease that I don’t think I have. I went through surgeries, a plethora of medications, including a scary one. Nothing was working and the doctors didn’t have answers. Since 2011, I’ve kicked all prescription medication. I take a few natural supplements and focus my diet on nutrition to keep things normalish. My path to gardening was my journey to seek a healthier life style. I started a (mostly) vegan diet, purchased a juicer, and started to grow some of my own food. It’s been absolutely life changing and I haven’t looked back.

Using more natural products and methods, I was bound to get the permaculture bug. And I did. I haven’t taken a Permaculture Design course yet, so you won’t find me using the word much. Since the beginning of 2013, I’ve been inspired to create an edible garden oasis in my backyard. I’ve been reading books, watching videos, and reading everything I can on permaculture. After a year of researching and planning, I started building the food oasis I’ve been dreaming of in January of this year.

I’m hoping my blog serves three purposes: 1. To get the word out about natural gardening and living. If nothing else have resources for others to learn and just ‘hear about’. 2. To hold myself accountable and be able to review my progress. 3. Serve as a record of how I did things, right or wrong (not a how-to education), so hopefully it might help or just inspire someone. Perhaps like a pay it forward for all of the blogs, podcasts and videos that have and continue to help me.

Most photos on my blog are ones I have taken unless noted otherwise. I’ve also started including my resources to direct people that want to seek out more information than what I’ve provided.

Follow me into the unknown as I create an edible food forest and yack about random sustainable ideas. Thanks for stopping by.


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