Growing Outside the Garden Box 2014

Last year I showed you Growing Outside of the Garden Box 2013 edition. The wheat was great, the sunchokes did pretty well and coming back this year, my love for comfrey continues, I have bits of the amaranth that reseeded itself, the stevia didn’t survive the hot summer, the cardoon continues to thrive, and as you know my beloved purple tree collards didn’t […]

8 Uses for Comfrey

Comfrey is the best herb. The permaculture world loves this plant and I concur! It’s really helping me fix my digestive system. It’s a very old medicinal herb. Just this morning I harvested a bunch of leaves. This year is the second year for my two plus plants. I purchased only two last year, and […]

Flowers, but No Fruit

I can’t believe it’s already day 175 in the Forest Garden Project. I usually walk the garden every morning and evening. It has become an enjoyable ritual of observing. I’m always finding something new to look at. This morning was no different. After a half inch of rain yesterday, the bees were buzzing.  I have […]

Growing Cilantro

Cilantro is pretty easy to grow and happens to be my favorite herb. As if you didn’t know by my excitement during Prime Cilantro Growing Time. I actually planted the seeds and forgot about them.  When and Where to plant? This herb is for the cool season, so it’s an annual here in Texas and […]