War on Grass Vol 4

I wanted to give an updated on the grass garden. Bermuda grass has taken over a few garden beds. Hopefully, by now, you’ve caught on that I don’t use pesticides, and I want to avoid tilling the soil as much as possible. I’m tweaking my technique on the bed from the video as there are two more beds […]

Adding Birdhouses

Friends, I’ve purchased a formal domain, and I’m working and learning how to get it up and running quickly. Hopefully, there shouldn’t a problem with the transition with email updates and such. I’ll be sure to let you know.     I spend day 199 of the forest garden installing birdhouses. It was an easy […]

Growing Outside the Garden Box 2014

Last year I showed you Growing Outside of the Garden Box 2013 edition. The wheat was great, the sunchokes did pretty well and coming back this year, my love for comfrey continues, I have bits of the amaranth that reseeded itself, the stevia didn’t survive the hot summer, the cardoon continues to thrive, and as you know my beloved purple tree collards didn’t […]

8 Uses for Comfrey

Comfrey is the best herb. The permaculture world loves this plant and I concur! It’s really helping me fix my digestive system. It’s a very old medicinal herb. Just this morning I harvested a bunch of leaves. This year is the second year for my two plus plants. I purchased only two last year, and […]

Trees I Hate to Love

It’s Day 187 in forest garden and want to share a chop and drop story. A story that proves “The problem is the Solution.” (a Geoff Lawton quote) This video is also helpful to understand the purpose of chop and drop in a more developed forest garden. You can chop and drop at any stage or even a […]

Garden Report: June 2014

At the end of each month or at the beginning of the following month, I like to review each month. I like to review the progress, what I’ve harvested and how many hours I worked. I want to show how hard or how easy it is to create and maintain an edible forest garden.  July 1st marks […]

My War on Grass Vol 2

It’s Day 180 in the Forest Garden and wanted to give a quick update with grass garden. The Bermuda grass is completely taking over. It has been a quite a challenge to get rid of it. Chemically treating the grass is not an option. So far, I’m calling my first attempt a failure.  My second […]