Curbside Recycling in Farmers Branch

Do you have curbside recycling in your city? Farmers Branch is one of two cities in the DFW area that do not provide this service. It was available in the 80’s and was deemed an unsuccessful program. The recycling program is to take your recycling items to a dumpster at a nearby park. For the past year, there has […]

Comparing Seed Starting Pots

This season, I used a few different ways to start my seedlings. 1. Peat Pods 2. 72 count Seed Tray and 3. biodegradable pots. I have always used the peat pods in recent years, but thought I should use the larger trays for more seeds. Then I found the biodegradable pots on sale. Isn’t it obvious my seed starting […]

Using Greens for Wraps

What a beautiful weekend to work in the garden and celebrate my birthday with great friends and family! I was also able to squeeze some time to plant some of the garden, of course. What’s up with these random cold fronts? Chard is one of my favorite greens to grow. It’s easy to grow, one […]

Mysterious Thank You

This past Christmas was awesome, but there are still unsolved mysteries to be told.  Christmas Day evening (that sounds weird) was a scary one to drive if you remember. Snow! Well, I found a frozen Christmas card with a gift card inside and no signature. It wasn’t just any card, it was from Northhaven Gardens […]