Curbside Recycling in Farmers Branch

Farmers Branch Curbside Recycle T-shirtDo you have curbside recycling in your city? Farmers Branch is one of two cities in the DFW area that do not provide this service. It was available in the 80’s and was deemed an unsuccessful program. The recycling program is to take your recycling items to a dumpster at a nearby park. For the past year, there has been a debate whether to provide a curbside service with an additional monthly fee of less than $5 per month. Since the city owns the landfill, residents do not pay waste fees, so recycling would be an additional cost. The city council approved a recycling committee to review the options and advise the council how to proceed.

Learning about permaculture is like putting on a new pair of glasses that makes everything  clear. A way that is so beyond recycling. It’s like second nature to do everything you can before throwing something away or to not buy the waste product in the first place. I want zero waste. No waste. I want a world where everyone knows what permaculture is: where it’s frowned apon if you do no compost, and neighbors are having contests who can save the most water or grow the most food. Are the baby steps worth it? Can a city go from a free landfill waste system to pay to recycle? 

It’s natural for people to give me their organic waste like I have my own composting company where nothing more than a great conversation and a thank you is exchanged for a bag of trash. I have neighbors, friends  and a company owner who give me bags of shrub trimmings, tree trimmings, leaves and kitchen waste on a regular basis. 

Email me at if you are local,  and I’ll pick up you organic waste in a paper bags or bucket. I will even compost the bags in the garden. Leaves, grass clippings and kitchen waste are the best for my composting system. (The smaller the better.) I’ll be happy to even exchange the bucket for a clean one, and exchange it weekly. I’ll just start my own recycling program.

 P.S. The photo is the back of the FB support curbside recycling T-shirt. Let me know your size and quantity, and I think I can get you set up. 

One thought on “Curbside Recycling in Farmers Branch

  1. I get so sick looking at people’s trash when I visit at all the items that can be recycled…like, its hard to not grab it out and take it home with me! Come back and teach me how to compost out in the countryside my fren! 🙂


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