War on Grass Vol 4

I wanted to give an updated on the grass garden. Bermuda grass has taken over a few garden beds. Hopefully, by now, you’ve caught on that I don’t use pesticides, and I want to avoid tilling the soil as much as possible. I’m tweaking my technique on the bed from the video as there are two more beds […]

War on Grass Vol 3

I think I’m on to something, but I have no idea what day it is in the forest garden. My war on grass is evolving, though. My first try was a bust and a lot of work. My second try works, but it’s not a long term solution. The tarp is totally effective to yellow and maybe kill […]

My War on Grass Vol 2

It’s Day 180 in the Forest Garden and wanted to give a quick update with grass garden. The Bermuda grass is completely taking over. It has been a quite a challenge to get rid of it. Chemically treating the grass is not an option. So far, I’m calling my first attempt a failure.  My second […]

My War on Grass Vol 1

My war on the smoking kind? My war on how to grow a lush lawn? No thanks, not on this blog. This is day 163 of the forest garden project, and I’m officially at war with the Bermuda grass. The really invasive, viney, lives-through-anything grass. Maybe this should be a ‘how to grow a better lawn […]