War on Grass Vol 4

I wanted to give an updated on the grass garden. Bermuda grass has taken over a few garden beds. Hopefully, by now, you’ve caught on that I don’t use pesticides, and I want to avoid tilling the soil as much as possible. I’m tweaking my technique on the bed from the video as there are two more beds that might be the worst grass takeovers in the garden, plus they are much larger. Other than those two garden beds, I feel like I have the grass somewhat under control. 

  • Week 1: I covered up (2) garden bed areas with tarps and let sit. I anchored the corners with rocks, straw bales, potted plants and anything that was heavy enough to keep the tarp in place.
  • Week 2: I uncovered the areas and added a generous layer of straw. Then covered the area back up with the tarps and anchors to let it sit for another week.

 Week 3 of the experiment is continued from the previous update. I’m doing a few things differently, though.

  • I uncovered the tarped areas and added a generous layer of straw like week 2.
  • Then I also added a green layer to one side to simulate a hot compost. This is just to see if one side does better than the other.
  • Last, I watered both areas and covered them back up with the tarps.

Bare with me as I try to perfect my video techniques, but I think the experiment is effective for killing bermuda grass from what I can tell so far. I think this will be the last week of the experiment before I move to another area.

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