Preventing Drought at home

save WaterIt’s so nice when the rain comes. It started raining yesterday and as of right now,  two and half inches of rain has fallen according to the rain gage. The swale is full and the garden is happy. What is also not surprising is how much run-off we are sending away. Typical city design is to send millions of gallons down stream. As quick as we do this and the rain has stopped, the warnings of drought continue. Who would be believe a city is in drought looking at the picture? This is merely one example where ‘the problem is the solution,’ as Geoff Lawton always says.

That is as much complaining as I want to do because I’d prefer to make a difference instead of ranting about what I can’t control.  In my own garden, my passive watering planning is just this. I have a swale, continue to plan for a pond, still need to connect the drains to the swale, and one day have tanks to keep water.

2,000 SF roof X .15575 gallons = 312 gallons of rain fell on my roof this weekend

There are simple ways in our own backyard to keep the water in your own backyard no matter what the size.

  • swales on contour
  • gutters and rain tanks
  • ponds
  • Rain Gardens

Those are just a few ways as it’s just a designed science with many solutions. On the other hand, if you’re like my sister, she has problems with flooding in her backyard. The answer can possibly be the same.  It’s not about pointing out what is right or wrong, it’s about thinking differently.


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