Summer Wish List: All Season Solar Cooker

Sunflower Solar CookerI’m not feeling so confident about the garden right now, hence my absence. I’m planning to share a few things I’ve learned and start a full court press for fall planting. It’s been pretty hot, so progress is slow.

Being stuck in doors means I’m planning like crazy and finding new things. Today, I wanted to share the All Season Solar Cooker. Honestly, I have been wanting a solar cooker for a few years, but I put it out of my mind because they usually run about $300 and up.

This one isn’t fancy, but it’s only about $100. It needs to be adjusted with the sun during the cooking process and requires (2) pryrex bowls. I watched this review and got excited about it. Then the same guy made another meal with it. I’m not sure where a good storage place would be for it and question the durability. I’m still going to add it to the wish list, though.

credits: photo from // Review and demonstration by Plant Abundance YouTube User

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