War on Grass Vol 3

I think I’m on to something, but I have no idea what day it is in the forest garden. My war on grass is evolving, though.

My first try was a bust and a lot of work. My second try works, but it’s not a long term solution. The tarp is totally effective to yellow and maybe kill the top growth of the Bermuda grass. I left the grass area covered for about week. The grass was completely yellow, so I moved on. Just after a few days, the grass grows right back from the roots where it was previously tarped.

War on Grass

So this time, instead of moving the tarp to the new spot, I removed the tarp, added a generous layer of straw, and covered the same spot back up. I’m hoping this will build the soil and hopefully, the grass with become the soil’s food. I listened to a TPS show on soil building that suggested this idea.

I’m hopeful. The bed behind this one has more grass in it, and it’s next!

credits & resources: photo by Jamie at FOREST MARKET GARDEN // TPS Episode 1388


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