Adding Birdhouses

Friends, I’ve purchased a formal domain, and I’m working and learning how to get it up and running quickly. Hopefully, there shouldn’t a problem with the transition with email updates and such. I’ll be sure to let you know.
I spend day 199 of the forest garden installing birdhouses. It was an easy project to complete. I wasn’t joking about the birdhouse purchase when I mentioned it here. I think I bought them that day actually. I want the garden to be a natural oasis. To help control the insect population, I need the birds. I have a water and a feeder for them, but I wanted to give them a reason to stay. Sure, they will eat some of my harvest, but that’s ok. There should be plenty. I think they recently figured out that the goji berries were a treat.
In college we have to design a bird house, and I soon realized each type of bird has unique requirements for their nest. I purchased the birdhouses from this ETSY shop for about $6 a piece, so it was worth it to buy them instead of make them. They are for bluebirds with a 1.5 inch diameter entrance. As also with my inspiration, they are mounted on a pole 5 feet off the ground. 
I read that it’s best to not mount them to a tree for protection from predators and is best to mount on a post in the sun. The direction it faces is whatever is best for the bird watcher. They all face the house for me. I also tried to space them out as best I could. They are at least 25 feet from each other.
I read that the birdhouses can be left up all year and is best to put them up before winter.


Mounting them to the metal pol was really easy. The tool part, not so much. I found this video helpful, but I decided to go with bigger the conduit. 
  • (5) 3/4″- 10′ conduit
  • (1) bag 2 hole straps for 3/4″ 
  • (2) bags of 1/2″ wood screws
  • (1) 3′ metal stake (in the rebar section)
The store wouldn’t cut the conduit for me. I wanted the birdhouse entry at 5 feet and 18 inch of pole in the ground. Lucky for me, a neighbor had borrowed the metal cutting tool from another neighbor. Then I mounted the poles to the birdhouses. I only bought 1 bag of screws, but I already had some to finish finish the job. I used the stake, just like the video, to make the 18 inch deep hole and used my weight to push the poles with the attached birdhouses into the ground. I tend to change my mind about things, so I didn’t want to use concrete… just in case. 


I spent Sunday morning drinking my coffee and watching the bird activity. No takers so far. The birds seem to be more preoccupied with the sunflowers. 

credits & resources: all photos by Jamie at FOREST MARKET GARDEN // // video by NESTCAMS // ETSY Shop by sp11dy

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