Garden Inspiration 5

I’m a fanatic about researching anything I do, so I find lots of gardens. This is a series of inspiration worth sharing that has inspired me to create my garden. Inspiration is random, just like these posts.

Today I bring you James Prigioni’s forest garden in New Jersey. This video is Natural Farming, From Dirt to Abundance in 92 dayI’ve been following him on youtube for awhile and continue to be amazed at the quantity he grows. His videos are raw and mostly just a walk through, but they are packed with lots of information.
If you normally pass on watching the videos, make this one an exception. Just watch the first 20 seconds. You can watch his garden go from nothing to an overly mass of abundance. You can also notice many pollinators bouncing from plant to plant. 

Hope you enjoyed it. Strong’s Nursery is having their annual 50% off sale this weekend. I have a few things on the list to purchase. See you there.

credits & sources: Image by  James Prigioni //

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