My War on Grass Vol 2

It’s Day 180 in the Forest Garden and wanted to give a quick update with grass garden. The Bermuda grass is completely taking over. It has been a quite a challenge to get rid of it. Chemically treating the grass is not an option. So far, I’m calling my first attempt a failure. 

My second attempt is much simpler and less work. I covered a grassy area with a plastic tarp I already had and put something heavy in each corner. The plastic tarp was there for about a week, but I don’t think that length of time is necessary in this summer heat.
As you can see, it killed the grass. I took a closer look at the dead grass and notice some alive Bermuda. I’m hoping this is more permanent than pulling it, though.  I’ve moved on to another grassy section. Maybe by fall it will all be gone?!
credits: images by Jamie at A CITY GIRL

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