Cutting the Grass with a Reel Mower

I’ve totally gone old school with Scott’s Classic Reel Mower. Calling it a mower doesn’t seem right, though. It just cuts the grass.
I purchased this one in very early spring of this year (not a sponsored product), so I’ve been using mine all season. I wanted to do a quick review of this forgotten way of lawn maintenance. It’s definitely caught the attention of my neighbors. So much that they had to give it a go on my lawn and even borrowed it to try it out on their own lawn.
Generally, I like it. I think it’s best for the lush lawns, though. 


  • It’s reasonably prices, I think I paid under $120
  • It doesn’t use gas and oil. This makes it a money, time and earth saver.
  • It’s durable! No engineer means I haven’t broken anything yet.
  • It’s quiet, I cut the grass this morning at 6am. (hoping I don’t hear complaints later) It’s nice to plug in some jams and just go for it.
  • No ‘after mow’ smell. 
  • I like that it takes up less space than my non-working gas mower. I think it could easily be hung on a wall.


  • Sticks and rocks keep it from turning and will slow you down.
  • It does not cut tall grass/vegetation. It just lays it down.
  • You don’t get the perfect ‘just mowed’ look.
  • Any uneven terrain that doesn’t allow the wheels to move won’t get cut.
  • the attachable bag was not easy to put on, so I haven’t used it. (user error? I didn’t read the directions very carefully)
This review sparked my interest after my gas mower quit on me. I will agree with her, I no longer hate mowing the lawn. I’m not sure if it takes me longer to cut the grass or not. If it’s half way enjoyable, who cares? 
Also, this article is good for organic lawns if you are cheap and lazy like me. The reality is people still want lawns.
It’s not a perfect product, but I’m going to stick with it. Hopefully, I will only need to cut the grass in the front yard in the near future. I’m slowly moving towards more hand tools and less gas powered tools.

credits & rescourses: photo by Jamie at A CITY GIRL // //

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