Compost with a Tumbler, Finally!

I will admit I haven’t had good luck making compost for the past year and half. A neighbor gave me his compost bin from the city that is a four sided metal cage-like thing that sits on the ground. I hap hazardly added yard waste and food scraps when they were available. I turned the pile every so often and that was about it. The results were not impressive to say the least.

This past April, I jumped at the chance when a neighbor wanted to sell his compost tumbler. It was this used metal tumbler I scored for only $40! 
I located it right next to the back door and the back gate. This is much more accessible than walking half a mile to the end of the backyard. I transfered most of the compost from the bin to the tumbler. I add food scraps, leaves and other yard waste daily. I give it a few spins each morning and water when it’s looking dry. This is soo much easier. I wasn’t able to find this exact compost tumbler online. So far, I like it. It’s easy to use and the results are good.

I watched a video that I can’t find again, but he simplified it:

“All you need for compost is the right combination of these 4 things: Browns, Greens, Water, Air.”
I’m noticing it’s about time to harvest compost. My first good looking compost. I’m excited to check something off of my wish list.

credits: Images by Jamie at A CITY GIRL

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