Permaculture in ALL 50 States

I hear my friends and family say they only know what permaculture is because of me. They doubt the  positive power it can have and want to know, WHY ISN’T IT EVERYWHERE? I also hear from my friends and family that you can’t do it in particular area because of [fill in the blank challenge]. For example, lack of rain, cold weather, soil conditions, the list goes on. 

Permaculture has been touched by every state in the United States. I have come up with one link for each state. These links are a collection of permaculture based companies, public city parks, universities, urban homesteads, farms, roof-top gardens, meetups, and top leaders. These are the gardens that are actually documented. How many permaculture systems aren’t documented in the United States? 


resources & credits: image by Jamie from A CITY GIRL // // //

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