My War on Grass Vol 1

My war on the smoking kind? My war on how to grow a lush lawn? No thanks, not on this blog. This is day 163 of the forest garden project, and I’m officially at war with the Bermuda grass. The really invasive, viney, lives-through-anything grass. Maybe this should be a ‘how to grow a better lawn with lots of hard work’. I knew grass was going to be a fight, but I had no idea how fast and strong it would be growing back.

Remember back in March I had my garden work party where we sheet mulched over the lawn and added loads of compost? Ever since then I’ve been working on getting mulch and sheet mulching the walk ways. 
It’s been really depressing to see this and not a very productive time in the garden, but I’m finally ready to take control of the garden beds. I try not to look back, but maybe more layers of cardboard could have prevented this. Maybe we didn’t get the 6 inch overlap of cardboard that it required.
I’m taking it a section at time. I’m pulling up the grass, moving the mulch over and grabbing even more grass roots out of the ground. (This grass will grow a very long distance to find it’s way to the top.) Then, the same day, I’m seeding it with clovers, flowers and anything else in season. Maybe I can try to shade out the grass and have it compete with other plants that I want growing. 

Here’s a section I finished pulling the grass out. I still haven’t seeded it yet. The plastic you can barely see is covering my next section. I figure I could have a leg up on this battle if I weaken the grass by over heating it and depriving it of water. 

I’m not sure what else to do, but I thought this might be a good start. Maybe I’ll be done pulling the grass by the end of the year. 

It’s not a very pretty post, but only sharing the good parts isn’t honest. On a good note, I harvest a good amount of green beans and turned them into fries. They turned out pretty good. Happy Friday!

credits & resources: photos by Jamie from A CITY GIRL // // green bean fries recipe:

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