The Private Life of Chickens

Why did we decide to domestic the chicken 8,000 years ago? How are eggs formed? Is pecking order even a real thing? Can you teach a chicken tricks? 
The Private Life of Chickens video answers all of those questions and more. The documentary is presented by BBC, and I found it totally fascinating. It has a neutral tone as a scientific look at the birds. It didn’t come off trying to sway you to raise them. I found this to be a good educational and entertaining video for all. 

I’m willing to bet you leave with something you didn’t know about chickens before watching it. It’s also good to note the chicken running around with a mouse in her beak. 

I haven’t been writing much about chickens much because I’ve been trying to focus with work in the forest garden. Here’s other chicken stuff I’ve talked about, like chickens in an edible backyardthe Neiman Marcus $100,000 Coop, and one of my favs, Backyard Chickens in Southern Living Magazine

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