Easy Container Garden

This container garden is so easy, I thought it was worth sharing. You could tailor it to just about any scale if you don’t want to buy this giant thing. In the simplest form: it’s just hugelkultur in a container.
I saw this video and originally bought this trough to be a worm farm. That could be a brilliant idea in the northwest but a terrible idea for Texas. Even under the shade, the worms didn’t make it through the summer. It’s also possible I didn’t keep it wet enough because it was so far away from my water source. My second idea was to incorporate it into a living screen. I emptied the whole thing and moved it in winter. It ended up getting too much shade and became a problem to mow around. Here is its third (and hopefully) its final location.
I refilled the container like this when I moved it to its second location as a living screen. Because it was so shaded, it sat for about a year. When I emptied it to move it again, it was filled with beautiful compost. It it much more productive when you grow something in it. 

You might be thinking: Wow, that’s a lot of compost to buy and add to the container.

Actually, it’s not much more than you would buy for any other container. From the sketch above, I first added logs and sticks to the bottom of the container. Then added half rotted compost, leaves and grass clippings. Last, I topped it off  with about 5″ of finished compost. I planted my onions and greens, and then covered them up the exposed compost with straw. (I also buried the a few tilapia in here which should be excellent fertilizer, but it sounds kinda gross, too.)
This container garden is easy and cheap to do with almost any large container. It also doesn’t need much water. I’ve watered this only twice this year! This coming fall, I’ll be adding some greens and cover crops.

credits and resources: photo by Jamie from A CITY GIRL // video by Majory Wildcraft // sketch by http://laep.ced.berkeley.edu/blakegarden/?tag=hugelkultur //

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