Garden Inspiration 4

I’m a fanatic about researching anything I do, so I find lots of gardens. This is a series of posts of the gardens I think are worth sharing that have inspired me with creating my garden. Inspiration is random, just like these posts.

Today’s garden is by Very Edible Gardens that I found months and months ago. I have continued to think about their orchard system. I also continue to dream up the perfect way to raise chickens in an urban area, so I found inspiration in this video. After watching it, I imediately thought of the book, Free Range Chickens where the author talks about sectioning off different access areas for chickens.

From listening to Geoff Lawton, Permaculture is a household name in Australia. It’s no surprise to me that I find so many permaculture gardens there. 
It would take a lot of work to construct, but I like the idea of multiple enclosed areas for chickens. They could be rotated between a few different enclosures to cleanup the fruit and let each area rest from the birds.
Besides a way to raise backyard chickens, there is much more to get out of this garden tour. Adding more than one tree in one hole could be a new experiment, and I love the idea of the tank duck pond system.
credits & resources: Dan Palmer on YouTube for the video: // Free Range Chicken Gardens by Jessi Bloom // Very Edible Gardens at //

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