"Bees Attacking a Car" is Misinformed

Facebook news feed today:
Bees attacking a car at the Royals game.

Really? There are good avenues, like facebook to move misinformation on the fast track. It’s the real story that is insane. I have been researching the honey bees, so it is sad to see people using a word, like attack to describe them.
From my research, when hives get too large, a new queen is born and half of the hive leaves with her. This is a swarm and what is seen in the photo. They are clustered around the queen for protection. I have heard of a bee keeper walk through and close to a swarm, and she was never hit or stung. 
The bees swarm about 300 feet away from the original hive. Normally, there is a tree for them to land on. Since we’ve taken all of the trees away, they don’t have a place to land. It’s not that they are trying to make this car their home, at this point there are a group of bees trying to find a permanent home. This can take 10 minutes or up to a few days. Then in a matter of seconds,  the swarm is gone. 
Most living things don’t attack anything that isn’t a threat unless there is something wrong with it. Please be cautious of being a vector of misinformation. Bees are good, they help us grow food. Hopefully, when I have enough flowers for them, I’ll have a hive of my own. 

credits & resources: facebook // Paul Wheaton’s podcast series on honey bees

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