Garden Report: March/April 2014

I feel like I’m finally making progress and it’s feeling pretty good. I missed the March garden report, so this is both months in one. 
I’ve decided to be a little more loose with things. Recording garden data is something on my plate not worth worrying over. I just want to enjoy the process. Since this is my first year with the forest garden, I’m planting a lot and seeing what works and what doesn’t.

The leaf shape of all of the beds is apparent to me now. Yipee! Can you see it?
 1. Mulch! I’ts finally here! 
You can read about my mulch story here. With some help from two neighbors, I’m about half way through the pile. It’s so big. Pictures do not do it justice. I have all of the pathways covered with mulch but the two outside pathways that lead to the gate. I’m also planning to mulch the outside beds that border the fence once all of the pathways are finished. This will help with my no mow plan for the garden.

 2. The kiwi Trellis.  
I explained how I built it here. I’m glad it’s finally almost complete and the kiwi’s have been planted. I just need to stretch the wires.

 3. Complete planting. 

It’s something that will never be complete, but the bulk of the plants I ordered online have been planted. I’m still planting tons of seeds, though.

 4. Get beds ready for the Banana circle 
The bananas are planted, but the bed is not completed. Shocking isn’t it?

 5. Huglekulter Bed
I’ve mentioned I was going to mulch the tree trimming from the tree we trimmed but found that to be too much work. I’m trying to do less work. Instead, I have put the trimmings in a bed along with other tree pieces I have found on the road and all of the left over leaves in a pile. Eventually, I’m going to add soil on top and grow straight from that. This is part of my passive irrigation system. I actually wish I made more beds like this. This bed shouldn’t need any watering at all. 

 6. Swale
I’m not sure it’s complete, but I haven’t done anything with it in two months. I’m wanting to focus my work load else where right now. 

7. Mowing

I’ve cut my weeds in the garden a few times. This chore could have been eliminated if I had made the beds at a better time of year. 

March/April’s harvest = none
I have harvested everything out of the aquapoics (which is what you see from the photo of me at the top) but nothing from the garden so far
Yearly harvest Total  = just a few handfuls of herbs and surviving trees collard leaves.

March & April’s work =  I’ve averaged about 15 hours a week I think. I’ve been working an hour-ish before work and a few when I get home besides the weekends. Two weddings in April didn’t help my average.
March = 60 hours
April = 45
Yearly work Total = 135 hours

Work continues in the forest garden!

credits & resources: just my photos this time // see linked posts for particular sources

One thought on “Garden Report: March/April 2014


    You are a such an inspiration to young suburban gardeners around the world.
    I’m truly in awe of all your dedication & hard work you have achieved so far and look forward to seeing the completion of this on-going transformation.

    Thanks again for taking along on your journey / adventure from your typical backyard to a sustainable edible forest garden.


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