Garden Report: February 2014

Well, February went by fast?! Let’s see how I did with the progress of the Edible Forest Garden. Last month’s garden report can be found here.

Just when we thought spring was officially here, winter was back with a blast of cold air and snow. IN. TEXAS. It’s so weird…

There was quite a bit of progress in the garden with my work party I hosted this past weekend. The party was on March 1st, but I’m counting it for February. I’m glad my family was not questioning my methods, because I sure was the whole time.

The ‘Leaf’ is more visible now. It will be even more visible when I complete the other three beds. I hope the people flying overhead are seeing it. Your welcome southwest!

Honestly, with a closer eye, the garden looks brown, and messy. I want to scream: IT’S NOT DONE YET! It’s better than the month before and that’s all I need to continue.

 1. Complete Swale
75% complete. I’m still waiting for a good rain to test it out. It’s as done as it’s going to get until then. I may have to tweak the level and will fill it up with mulch.

 2. Complete tree trimming 

Done! My dad, his wife, and neighbor Alex helped me with the big elm tree. It was mostly my dad. There were some scary moments when my dad was almost hit by a falling limb. I’m thankful neighbor Alex saved the day.
 3. Build the Kiwi Trellis
25% complete. The holes are dug and most of the pieces are purchased. It needs to be built, but since the kiwi’s aren’t here, I’m not too worried. We decided to leave out the wire vises because they seem to be an unnecessary expense. 

4. Complete mulched pathways
0% complete. Since we ran out of cardboard at my work party and don’t have the mulch, I couldn’t even entertain starting this. I only thought I had a mulch source…

 5. Complete Plant purchases
Done! Everything is pretty much ordered except for the comfrey. I’ll just buy that at the nursery. 

 6. Construct Annual Beds

 7. Start seeds for annual bed
Done! I have a lot going on in the seedling department.

 8. Get beds ready for the Banana circle
10% complete. I have the holes for the bananas started and have a good start on the big compost hole. 

 9. Prune Grapes
Done! Everyone needs an easy task to cross off the list.

10. Construct the linear Herb bed
0% complete. I’ll need to restock the cardboard and order more compost.

11. Mulch tree trimmings for beds or swale
15% complete. The trimmings are in two nice piles waiting me for.

12. Start potatoes. 
20% complete. The potatoes are purchased. I’m waiting for them to grow some good eyes before planting them. 


As you might expect, I didn’t harvest anything except for these gems above. I was working on the pathways when I found a few them. I almost counted them as part of the harvest, but decided against it since I don’t plan to eat them. Spot the green potato? It’s poisonous.

February’s harvest = none
Yearly harvest Total  = just a few handfuls of herbs and surviving trees collard leaves.

I worked medium-hard this month. I should pick up pace a little. I’m hoping I get excited to work out there when the weather is more consistent. This hours for this month don’t include any help. 

February’s work = 17 hours
Yearly work Total = 30 hours

Let’s see what March can bring us. I suspect lots of planting is going to happen. If you are wondering what the garden is planning to look like, you can go here to see the planning.

credits: just my photos this time

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