Spring Garden Wish List

The weather has been playing spring and it’s been fantastic. It feels like spring anyway, but we are far from seeing the last frost date of the year. At least that’s how the story goes. The guessed date of the last frost for Dallas this year is March 15th. It’s getting close…

There are so many things I want to add to the garden; it’s hard not to do everything at once. Self control is not a fun game. Here are my jams and current researching projects.

1 – ollas This could really tie into my passive irrigation plan. These are unglazed clay bottles/vases that you bury in the ground so part of the throat is sticking out. You fill it with water when empty, so the water slowly seeps out as the plants need it. It saves on water, and the plants get water at their roots.

2 – bees & bees The idea of being responsible for a colony of honey bees is scary to me. The mason bee, well they seem more my style. They seem like less maintenance even though you don’t get the honey. After doing some research on these bees, I found not all mason bee houses are created equally.

3 – trellis I actually found a really nice metal trellis arbor with a seat on each side on craigslist. It was perfect, but the seller never emailed me back. I’m crushed. I’m thinking a new grape or passion flower would look nice growing up this. The search continues for something not too heavy or not too ornate.

4 – compost tumbler This has been on the list since Christmas 2012. I continue to struggle with making compost, and I’m finding my compost bin is still too far away since I rezoned the garden. I think this tumbler would be a nice fit in the small space outside my back door. I can’t justify the price, so it remains on the wish list for now.

The weekend has arrived. Enjoy.

credits: growingawarenessurbanfarms.com // crownbees.com & ournativebees.com // ebay // amazon // growingyourgreens.com

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