Garden Inspiration 1

I’m a fanatic about researching anything I do, so I find lots of gardens. This is a series of posts of the gardens worth sharing that have inspired me with creating my garden. Inspiration is random, just like these posts.

As this months’ progress in the garden continues, I can’t help but continue to seek out information and inspiration. I confess I’m hungry for inspiration and never get full. As I search, there’s some videos where I think “uhm, cool,” and go on about my business. Other videos stay with me weeks later.

These videos challenge me in creating systems just as sophisticated. How can I integrate systems that sustainable? It really gives sustainability a new meaning. It’s beyond the cliche term green.

Duckland: Part One is a video I saw about a month ago by Marabou Thomas. It might seem extreme, but it’s a system that continue the loop with little input. I’m not sure ducks are in my future, but I still found this video inspiring. It leaves me wanting more. Was that a pool before? If it was, why a pond liner? What was the inspiration…

His initial video where he sets up his garden in the first year is just as inspiring. If you’re looking for an update on Duckland, there’s a summer update video. Hope it got you thinking, too.

credits: Marabou Thomas //

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