To-do List for February 2014

So long January! We really had a few really nice Saturdays in January that I didn’t take much advantage of. Reviewing January’s Report has really pointed out I need to step it up a bit. Too much planning and not enough work in the garden.

I’m motivated and ready to make progress. Another month, another to-do list. January’s productivity was a complete bust.

 1. Complete Swale
As I mentioned, in January’s report, I have a few things left to do here. I need to get it level. Then I need to finally move the leaf bags to test it out the next time it rains. You can see how swales works in this video by Jack Spirko.

 2. Complete tree trimming 

I trimmed the small trees by myself. The large elm in the neighbor’s yard will need extra man power to trim the large branches hanging in my yard. I want a little more light in the back of the garden.


 3. Build the Kiwi Trellis
I’m excited to grow something no one will know what it is. The male and female hardy kiwi vines have been purchased. I’m guessing they will arrive sometime in March, so I just want to be ready. By researching, kiwi vines are large and very fast growing vines, so they will need a strong trellis to hold them up. I found a great video instructing how to build it. Mine will be close to it.

The photo shows how much smaller the hardy kiwi is from what you find in the store.

4. Complete mulched pathways
 I found a great local resource for the mulch, I just need to plan a delivery date.

 5. Complete Plant purchases
I need to order the moringa trees, purchase the nitrogen fixing tree, purchase nitrogen fixing shrubs and a few other last minute plants.

 6. Construct Annual Beds
I wanted these completed last month but didn’t happen. I need these completed for spring veggies.

 7. Start seeds for annual bed
Done! I started and will start more later this month.

 8. Get beds ready for the Banana circle
This involves digging a hole close to tree rots that I cut down two years ago, so I wanted to add this as a special item on the list. I found a pretty good video showing how to build a banana circle. I don’t expect to get bananas, but the leaves will be multi-functional, not mention just pretty.

Hardy varities are grown Massachusetts, so I should here in Texas.

 9. Prune Grapes
This will be easy. Last year my neighbor happen to be working in her garden when I pruned them for the first time. She walked me through it. 

10. Construct the linear Herb bed


Traditionally, I would have gone with an herb spiral close to the door. They look great and are a great space saver. I just couldn’t work it into the design. Why fight it? I already have the beds surrounding the patio, and I’m not super tight on space.

I picked the beds closest to the back door to be completed first. This is by design. The sooner they are completed, the sooner I get good eatings. The mint bed between the two back doors has proven it’s convenience several times.

11. Mulch tree trimmings for beds or swale
Right now there are a few piles in the yard of branches that I need to get rid of. I’m not setting anything on the curb to be shipped to the landfill any more. They are going to be buried or mulch. 

12. Start potatoes. Last year, I tried to grow potatoes but failed. This year, I think I’ll try something new.

It’s not going to be an easy month.  Hopefully, we’ll have some nice enough weekends!

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