Sustainable Harvesting

This post is not about being green when harvesting. (or it is?) It’s about prolonging the life of plants, so we eat now and still have more for later. I’ve been eating about two salads a week with nothing but my own greens. 

The aquaponics system is still in full swing and the lettuces I feared were going to bolt by this time are still growing quite nice. I don’t grow lettuce till it’s mature, chop it down and store it in my fridge. My fridge and storage is my backyard!

When I’m ready for salad, I grab a basket and head to the backyard. I pick only a leaf or two off of each plant at a time. You can see in the photo above the baby leaves growing on the yellow chard. That’s where I have previously picked it, and it’s been growing back.

The bed above is my greens bed where my purple tree collards are thriving. I do the same thing here as I do with the aquaponic system: pick a few a leaves per plant even if they are young.

By the time I’m done walking and picking around the yard, I have a full salad.
Always eat foods of color. Pretty sure I got it covered! I added marigolds, cilantro, and broccoli flowers
Picking just a few leaves per plant leaves more to grow, so I get more meals. I also get a variety of nutrients from the different types I’m eating. The most nutrient dense foods are the ones shortly picked before they are eaten. 
I’ve been using salsa for dressing. Since I bought my juicer, I think I can come up with excellent natural options. I’m still working on it…

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