Leaks Happen, So Recycle & Compost

Finding this after removing my vanity was not a dream of mine. Especially, since the vanity stayed in my bedroom for a few weeks… and moving all of my stuff in the other bath was no picnic. After the leak was fixed, It all had to dry out before we ( er Dad) could start putting back the pieces.
On the other side of the wall is the tub of the second bath. I bought my house from investors. They use shark bites to connect the hot and cold. It’s a quick fix and in my opinion should never be used on pressure lines. Since it wasn’t a straight connection it was leaking for who knows how long- Possibly, two years. I would caution ANYBODY buying a house from investors. This isn’t the first quick fix that has gone wrong.
In the mean time, the wheels have been turning: I clearly need a new vanity! Honestly, I don’t. Despite the leak, most of the damage to the vanity was on the back. It played out something like this: I don’t have much storage in the bathroom and the vanity is overly large for the space. If I sell the vanity and other spring cleaning items, I will buy a small vanity and cabinet that will triple the storage in master bath.
Done and Done. I’ve just been struggling with matching the right look I’m going for. With all of the minor construction, I’ve collected trash: drywall old and new scraps. Dry wall is gypsum and if you look at construction documents it’s better known as GWB or GYPSUM WALL BOARD. This is 100% compostable, and that is exactly where it will all go. It is a mineral that plants love and will thrive on after it completes it’s composting cycle.
So recycling is really selling stuff to purchase over half of my new bathroom storage and I’m going to have happier plants for composting the scraps. A true win/win for everyone: Justification at its finest!
If you’re into sustainable gardening, go here for all of my sustainable projects. Here for the edible forest and here for the planning of the edible forest garden.
credits: all photos by me

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