Comparing Seed Starting Pots

This season, I used a few different ways to start my seedlings. 1. Peat Pods 2. 72 count Seed Tray and 3. biodegradable pots. I have always used the peat pods in recent years, but thought I should use the larger trays for more seeds. Then I found the biodegradable pots on sale. Isn’t it obvious my seed starting choice?

I should have stuck with what I know. I’m a huge fan of the peat pods. I find them user friendly and you can tell when they dry out. The tray was ok and the pots dried out easily. It could be a user error, but I’m sticking with the pods.

Another thing I didn’t take into consideration in the greenhouse, is the moister level. Looking back, it seems like a no brainer. You can imagine what kind of moister level the green house is with a 250 gallon tank of water. duh. I realized it too late, so I lost a few seedlings.  I’ve since added a fan  for more air circulation and things are better.

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