Wheat Grain Sprouts

 I giggle every time I look outside my window and see my sprout rows of wheat grain. I don’t know why it’s just funny: It’s grain, who does that? Clearly, it’s an usual crop for gardeners to grow in the burbs, but there’s other uncommon plants I’m growing. This is all part of the fun experiment of gardening.

This is my first time growing wheat. I planted Spring Wheat seeds two Sundays ago. With the compost down and level, I made shallow rows about a foot apart and dropped the seeds in. Then I went back down each row to cover them up. This was just easier for me to see where I planted. Plus, I’m just so nervous I’ll mess something up. This tedious work took longer than expected. I’ve been watering it once a week for about an hour as recommended.

Now that I’m looking through a picture, I wonder if I should have planted the rows close together. Maybe something to think about if I grow it again.

It has held up quite well with the frost we’ve had. (I can’t say the same for the potatoes). The toughest part so far is keeping the Trouble Maker out of the bed. Hopefully, the wheat will grow high enough the Trouble Maker won’t run through it.

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