Comparing Aquaponics Growth

It’s almost time to start planting all of the seedlings I’ve been growing for almost a month. Since everything is still in the greenhouse, it’s been interesting to compare the growth from sowing seeds in seed starter and then adding a few to the aquaponics system when they were big enough to not wash away. Place your bets now, it’s an obvious winner.
Round 1: Here we have squashes and cucumbers just starting to grow their true leaves. Once the seedlings in the tray were big enough, I transplanted them into bigger pots with compost.

The cucumber below was sown at the same time and growing its second true leaf. Compost Growth 0 vs Aquaponics Growth 1.

Round 2: Here’s my tray of seedlings now in seed starter. Looks pretty normal. 

Here are the seedlings sown at the same time that I planted in the aquaponics system. They are bigger and have more leaves. Compost Growth 0 vs aquaponics Growth 2.

The winner goes to the aquaponics growth. Special thanks to the tilapia and the composting worms team for providing the excellent nutrients.

Is it weird to say I like watching plants grow? I look forward every morning to feeding the fish and seeing how everything is growing in the greenhouse.

Click HERE to read up on my stories how I’m growing tilapia and plants in my aquaponics system.

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