It’s Time for Fruit

Isn’t it strange to plant plants that are dormant, or is it just me? Then, with most fruits, they don’t even grow fruit the first year. I’m starting to understand the phrase, “fruits of labor.”
Alas, I love fruit, so it was essential I grow my favs.  Plus, I like the idea of growing what is expensive and planting perennials are a key component to any garden. Berries are overly expensive, right? I planted two blackberries and a raspberry. There isn’t any point with those photos because they just look like a stick in the ground. I know only one of them is a thorn-less, but it was more important to me to go with variety. 

I also purchased an apple tree and a peach tree. I’ve been so worried about where I should put them, that I just haven’t planted them yet. I’m planning on dividing the yard, so the fruit trees are close to the house while the garden is towards the back. I know this is backwards planning in everything that I’ve read, but the back half of the garden gets more sun. 

My neighbor helped me prune the grape vines. I waved my white flag over the fence, and she ran to my aid. Again, when I worry I’ll mess up, I just don’t do it. It’s a good thing I pruned them because they already have buds. My grape vines are just a year old, so it was pretty simple, though. 
My recipes for fruits are already starting to add up!

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