Adding Bees

I have been telling myself I’m going to be adding a beehive this year. How great would it be to have honey, not to mention the pollination. I’ve been reading blog updates on their bees in winter, and started rethinking this idea. I’m loving the updates.
Last year, at the Dallas Peep at the Coops Tour I saw these two beehives in the same backyard only 15 feet from each other. I really like the top photo where the combs are vertical, and there’s a cool window to see them work. This backyard was not very big, but the bees didn’t bother you. They faced the bee entrance to fence, so the flight path would be higher.
With all of that said, I don’t think I’m going to start a hive this year. Maybe a class though. Instead, I’m going to plant more flowers for them. Join me.

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