The Great Divide

I’ve been rearranging and dividing. Not the furniture, but plants. After some plants mature, they can be divided and replanted. Yeah! Two for one.
My neighbor gave me this beautiful daffodil when I first moved it. Almost two years later, it’s four! 

I really hope the lemon grass makes its. This was an unwanted another neighbor gave me about a year ago. He second guessed his give-away after seeing it this summer. They are easy to divide in separate pots, so I hope I can return one to him.
I’m hoping my aquaponics strawberries grow enough that I can divide them, also. More Strawberries please. 
The Rosemary will root when branches grow along the ground. Come spring, I will be trimming more, and planting them around. I keep reading people growing rosemary in pots because it can’t take the winters. Not here in zone 8, I have rosemary as shrubs in the front of my house for almost two years now. They are tough, yet I love the smell when I have guests at the house. 
Plus, it’s onion planting time, got those is the ground! I went with bulbs this year. 
It can be as simple as using what you already have to make new plants. Plus, I love how nice it is on the wallet. 

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