New Year, New Garden

Happy New Year! I spent a few days of my holiday planning and dreaming of this spring’s garden (Isn’t everyone?). A few new beds, and a little more this and that. Needless to say, the idea of adding more and more raised beds to my backyard seems the opposite of beautiful. ‘Uh, nice squares.’ Alas, that was plan and so the search for garden inspiration continued… for my squares.

To my delight, YouTube suggested Edible Gardens which airs on BBC TWO a few days after my plan was inked. I fell in love with her garden. Her garden that didn’t really look that garden-y at all. If you’re wondering if she has chickens, duh. Of course she does.

After researching further, I found this style of gardening is called Polyculture. 

Polyculture is agriculture using multiple crops in the same space, in imitation of the diversity of natural ecosystems, and avoiding large stands of single crops, or monoculture. It includes multi-croppingintercroppingcompanion plantingbeneficial weeds, and alley cropping. According to wikipedia.

I prefer to design with straight lines and symmetry, so this will be a challenge for my brain. I’m going back to the drawing board, but at least it’s with a smile. First thing on my list is fruit because they are scheduled to be planted this month. 

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