Christmas Gifts for the Gardener 2012

It’s that time of year for gifts again. Buying a gift for a gardener that has everything might be tough.  If they are cheap like me, they buy the necessaries and not the wants. I’ve put together a list of just that: I don’t need that, but it sure would be nice to have. For my birthday this year my mom got me a pitch fork,my dad got me a bird bath (AND my sister made me a bird feeder). I love all of them, but seriously, who would have thought to buy a pitch fork as a birthday gift? My compost bin and it are very good friends. Hopefully all of these would make a great gift, and you aren’t stuck giving a gift basket. What would you add?
Various Houses $20-$40+
Bat house, Mason Bee house and bird house. These are practical for any garden, yet they can have a charming style. The bat house has to be mounted at least 15 feet from the ground, so that might be something to consider. I’ve really been wanting a bat house, but the mounting height always stops me. Bats are insects eaters, come out at dawn, so don’t believe the bad wrap they have. The mason bees are not bees that live in a hives, but individual bees. There is an infinite number of designs for bird house. Birds are particular about their home, so you will need to know what birds are their the are. 
Rubber Boots $131
I have been using my rain boots for the past year and they finally tore at my toes. These Hunter Original Green Boots have rave reviews. I’ve read they are worth it and can last over 10 years. I need to invest.
Compost Tumbler $150
The best composter I found is the Lifetime composter. Using one of these instead of a stationary bin will produce compost light years quicker which is any gardener’s dream. It’s easy to use. Add the compost materials in and give it a few spins and you should have compost in a matter of months. Even if someone has one, getting two going at different times is even better. 
Garden Markers Free – $15
These can be hand made or purchased. I moved past the guessing point to the white markers you write on only to find the ink washed away. The spoons are so charming and green! I found these to to be inexpensive.
DIY Terrarium $100
These are really trendy right now, so these don’t just apply for gardeners. The materials are not hard to find. I even found them at West ElmNHG and most big box stores have a great selection to make one. I say $100 if you are buying all of the supplies. 
Hats are necessary when you love the outdoors and easily loose track of time. 
When I received my house warming gift of gloves I really thought they were for the weak. Gloves for playing the in dirt? I love gloves! I’ve gone through two pairs this year. It’s an item gardens would prefer to spend their money elsewhere, so these will be a nice surprise. 
Seed Organizing
I’ve lost my seeds. I’m not sure how someone misplaces an entire package of seeds, but I did. An organizing tool would have prevented this. Seed saving is important. 
Juicer $150
I have been drooling over this one for weeks now. Juicing: it’s another way to enjoy the fruits of your labor. I have a co-worker that owns this Breville Juicer and loves it. It’s a middle-of-the-road option. I really want a juicer!
Gift Cards
This place is my mall as many other gardeners find it to be. You could never go wrong with this option. Well, unless you don’t live in Dallas. 
Hope I made shopping for your gardener a little easier because this is kinda my (*garden hat on) Christmas list. Don’t you worry, I never leave home with my architect’s hat either. If you have trouble buying for the architect, no problem it’s already been done. Visit one of my favorites: What to get an Architect for Christmas 2012.
Happy Holidays!
If you’re into growing edible, I’m planning and constructing an edible food forest. Click here for the planning and here for the previous garden. 
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