Impulse Purchase, The American Beauty Berry

For some logical reason I added “nursery” on my to-list this weekend to just ‘look’. Clearly, I did not leave there empty handed. I’m not sure why I love North Haven Gardens so much, but I do. It’s like my mall.

This was my yard last fall. Don’t you love the grass? I do, but that area doesn’t get much sun which they need. They never grew back in the spring, and I just didn’t get around to replacing them. It might have been denial that I thought they would come back. 
That was my light-bulb moment during my almost impulse stop at the NHG. I had no idea what to add until I came across America Beauty Berry. I love that you can find them growing naturally in east Texas. They do get rather large, about 6 ft by 6ft! However, I read that you can chop them down each winter.
Isn’t the berry great color?! Can’t wait to make jelly with the berries!
This is what they grow to look like. A little too unruly for my liking but I’m planning on trimming. I read that it’s good to trim as the berries only grow on new growth. 
I also planted one in the backyard, hoping it just goes crazy! I also bought veggies and leafy greens to added to the garden. It’s just doesn’t make for the better story. 
Here’s a really great video on the american beauty berry,, I signed myself up: 
Native berries in my front yard is pretty rad and simple. 

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