3 Month Old Tilapia – Aquaponic

Happy birthday to my tilapia, they are 3 months old!

Who doesn’t love a few before and after pictures? It is amazing to watch the aqauponics system grow in just three months.

September 27, 2012 

This is Taco, one of the biggest at almost 6″! Hard to measure the guy when he’s folded up.

When I feed them yesterday one of the fish spit out what looked like white pellets. Where they eggs?


June 27,2012 

Look how little they were when I go them in the mail. So tiny! It’s hard to image they would get as big as they are now. 


June 27, 2012
I really thought I had it going on in June, but it was nothing.
September 27, 2012 
It’s over flowing with plants now!
I need to start preparing for winter. I’m thinking about purchasing a green house or possibly adding plastic over the growbed. 
Happy birthday to my food? 

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