So Many EggPlants

My aquaponics is growing like crazy! One day I counted 6 egg plants, then last night 9. Nine! I went from 1 to 9 in about two weeks. Thanks for the rain! Even though they are always being watered, it has to be something in the air.
This is Japanese eggplant, so it’s not going to get as fat at the grocery store eggplant. I bought it in the spring at HD because it’s suppose to grow well here. And it does!
This poor plant went from my poor soil conditions and dying to this out-of-control cluster of goodness.
Then. This this guy almost brought down my crop. Lucky for me, this was any easy pest to remove. Please note how gigantic he was. Hence my finger…
Guess I need to figure out how to cook with my new wealth. Hope I like the taste…

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