Southern Living Does Backyard Chickens

It warms my heart when my friends and family tell me about backyard chicken articles. This time the article is in Southern Living.

photo from Southern Living

Who hasn’t seen a photo of this coop? You can also see this image posted up at North Haven Gardens behind the chicken display at the front door. Adorbs- I’ve wondered whose coop it was, and now I wonder no more. 

photo from Southern Living

‘Why is the South so taken with chickens? You could point to dozens of different reasons, but it pretty much boils down to three things: food, fascination, and family’

Really, I’m still so fascinated with the idea. I could research chicken coops and their design all day long. 

photo from Southern Living
When I make it to the country I want a Rooster just so I can name him Russel. Get it? Russell Crow, don’t make me say it!

If you like chicken talk, click here to view it all.

credits: Southern Living

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