Aquaponics: 5 Months Old

I’ve had my aquaponics system for 5 months and things have really picked up since I added the tilapia.
Here’s an overview of the growbed. I’ve recently graduated to the bigger fish food.
The biggest one is Taco. There are about (3) Tacos. 
The gold fish are still hanging on. They are much slower eaters durning feeding time.
The eggplant has taken off. I lost my one eggplant fruit, but hopefully one of the blooms will turn into another one.
Strawberries are not doing well. I have new growth but what’s there does not survive long. I heard I might have an iron deficiency. 
Bell peppers are looking good. They are growing in thick. Thicker than what was in the ground.
(2) new additions today: Spinach Malabar and sage (not in picture). Good luck to them!
Basil is super happy!
It’s growing like crazy! Anybody need basil?
Here is an updated tour. I went ahead and harvested some peppers and basil.

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