Farmers Branch Backyard Chickens: Outcome!

Backyard Chickens in Farmers Branch DID NOT PASS with a 2 to 3 vote. Farmers Branch residents are not allowed to have chickens at all. 

I got a late start on today, but got tons of stuff taken care of at the office. Council started at 4pm, I was late.
Mayor: let’s start things off…. (Chicken presentation by Jim and Stacy)
Councilman Ben R.: I’ve been against from them from the start and I’m against it now. I think this is the wrong direction for Farmers Branch.
Councilman Harold F.: I agree.
Councilman Tim S.: O, I’m for the chickens…
Councilman Jeff F.: Yes, I’m for also for.
Councilman David K: I don’t want to see the chickens pass.
*End of backyard chicken discussion*
I’ve learned so much and have gotten to know so many people through this experience. I might had the door closed, but many opportunities opened.  For now… Let’s move on to important issues.

5 thoughts on “Farmers Branch Backyard Chickens: Outcome!

  1. Bring it up again. And go run for city council. I would vote for you. Who else? If you think Jamie would be a good city council person, how can you help getting her known around town? We have a year…and not much money. Would you hold a coffee? Have her speak at your church gathering or some other club? This did not even go to a vote. They killed it in a study session. That ain't right. Changes are in order.


  2. Hi Jamie, wanted to make sure you got my follow up response in your question related to the CDC and classifying them as chickens. Here is a link where they talk about chickens and chicks on their “Health Pets, Healthy People” section. Chickens are discussed here and thus my correlation.
    Other sites that you might find helpful:
    LOOK AT SECOND PARAGRAPH considered “risky pets”
    Hope these all help and best of luck! Keep me posted.~Melissa


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