FB Backyard Chickens: Decides 8/7

The draft ordinance has been made. The Farmers Branch Council will discuss it at the 4pm study session and at 6pm council meeting: TOMORROW! 8/7/12

Email the councilmen here and let them know how cool backyard chickens are. 

Maybe you aren’t picking up what I’m putting down… I was in your shoes when my friend told me he had them. ‘Are you crazy, why?!’ I researched, and that’s where you can find me on the other side.

Chickens and fresh eggs are rad. and green. and sustainable. and good pets. and not loud. 

Chick out this coop! Pretty funny/cool?! You can find storage under the hood. This guy was featured on backyardchickens.com but I can’t find it. He spend about $8,000. It’s pretty egg-cellent.
See you tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “FB Backyard Chickens: Decides 8/7

  1. OMG! How crazy is this?? Just TODAY I decided that I wanted chickens…in Farmers Branch no less…and discovered they aren't allowed! Then I find this post (with help from someone at BYC) and the vote is today!!

    Thanks for putting the work in…I can't wait to hear the final result!


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