Miniature Farm Animals

That’s right, you can raise miniature goats and cows. Why do you ask? It’s simple really, they eat less, require less space, and I think they produce less. This is perfect for small homesteads and people that have a few acres. It’s also a tax write-off if you have enough space. I’ve heard of a family completely changing to mini cows because they require less food.

Who wouldn’t want one?! How cute are they?!

Of course, I want them, but I can’t. I know. My hippie friend in central Texas is planning on getting a mini cow: a miniature Jersey. I can’t wait. He already makes yogurt and cheese at home. He’s not trying to make money, a mini Jersey will set you back about $1200. It’s all about providing for yourself.

Here’s a good website on why mini cows.

Then there’s the mini goats. Adorbs! There’s big support for the goats in the city, too. I’m not there yet, plus, I’m going to country some day. I keep reading that goats make good pets, too. It’s like a dog that gives you milk. How cool!
Here’s a good website on why mini goats.
With all of that said, I had an in depth conversation with brother-in-law about this. Why not just have one cow to provide all the goods? Well, to have a milking animal, they need to have babies. While she’s pregnant, she doesn’t produce milk. Plus you have to get the animal pregnant. Maybe if you have two animals and cycle them so one is always producing…. or one bull and two milking and sell the babies? Ugh, now I went from one to three….
I’ve tried to get everyone I know that has land to get one. This is all of two people, but it hasn’t worked yet. I like cow’s milk, so I think they will be a nice addition to my dream farm.

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