Waste Not: Water Timer & Outlet Timer

‘Sometimes I get sooo mad at myself.’ (*Mom voice) She’s good at saying that. Well, in this case, it was me. I was ‘so mad at myself’ to come home from the office to see my sprinkler still going from the morning!! Seriously! I’m sorry Mother Earth, I really sucked this time!
My house is too old for the builder to have added a sprinkler system, the lady before me barely took care of it, and it just seems too expensive to add now. Perhaps when I’m rich. Solution?

Water timer.

You can find one here  to purchase for about $35. I didn’t know they existed until my dad told me after my confession. You attached the timer to the faucet, then attached the garden hose to the timer. The ‘I’m gonna remember this time’ just doesn’t always work. The price seems a little high, but my next water bill might be that much higher.

In addition, here is an outlet timer. I might have rolled my eyes when my mom gave this to me when I first bought my house, but I love it now! It’s not only good for having a lamp on when you’re out of town, but good for the lazy guy… like me. If my timer goes off at my bedtime: BOOM, something else I don’t have to think about. Plus if you want to turn it on when it’s not scheduled, there is an easy button for this. Mine isn’t this exact unit, but they are so easy to use.
Timers: helping me save and increase my lazy factor. 

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